The Baby Diaries

Diaries for Babies and Busy Parents


The Baby Diaries

Baby Diaries is the most innovative, comprehensive and affordable App developed to make life easier for busy parents. This must- have iPhone App is the brainchild of mother of 2 Tara O’Connell and has been developed in partnership with Out of Square Media.

Baby Diaries will help you log and time all aspects of your child’s diary routine, milestones, medical notes, and photo journal in a simple easy to use format.

Baby Dairies can keep track of multiple children.

This App was developed by a busy working mum. She says making daily routines simpler after the birth of her last child was a necessity rather than an option.

“After the birth of my second child, I expected to replace the pen and paper used to record my first baby’s daily activities 11 years earlier, with an App. Sleep routines, change, feeding times and quantities, introducing and monitoring solid food reactions, and keeping a log of milestones had been a job itself back in 2011!” she recalls. “Many parents will remember the hard Baby Books that are sitting on shelves only partly completed due to a lack of time. I thought surely there would already be an App that helps parents to keep track of all these essential daily habits and milestones” she said.

The Baby Diaries with Teddy Bear

After much searching, Ms O’Connell did some Apps that did some of the things she needed, however nothing offered the full suite of activities… so she decided to develop one herself! Having a midwife sister helped to confirm that the idea was a good one and that there was a demand for such an App
After developing the concept and content Tara met with a colleague, Marty Adnum who owns Out of the Square Media and together they turned the concept into this reality. “It was a pleasure for us to develop such a great innovation and help bring it to life. We hope the Mum’s of the world love it..” says Marty. We know that this App will greatly assist parents whose lives could be made a bit simpler by using this latest technology in parenting.


The App is available in the iTunes App Store and costs $2.99.


A 60 second video shows the App in action –

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