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Kids Activities Delivered Brings Fun and Humour to the House

Ms Sarah Higman lives a frantic, busy but enjoyable life working from home while raising her 2 daughters. Just starting up a new business in February, Ms Higman catches every moment she can to manoeuvre in a quick twitter check or reply to an email in between making lunch and hanging out the laundry. Sarah is the owner of online site Kids Activities Delivered, and provides super fun activities all kids can enjoy. She has given us few examples of what her new business incorporates:

  • Activities for kids of all ages
  • Fun games delivered to your door for the whole family to enjoy
  • Ideas for you to do with your kids with little to no cost
  • Blog which provides humour as well as useful information for creating fun in the household
  • Packages including bird, insect and space themed activity boxes

Next Christmas I’ve decided to get my cousin one of these packages, as I believe she and her mother would love it, being the creative aficionados they are. Sarah has brought fun and humour to business that is often just a touch serious, gaining my respect. Sarah provides a fun filled activity experience for the whole family to enjoy with her new business ‘Kids Activities Delivered’. Check out her website and blog here:

Kids Activities Delivered


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