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I’m a start up business how can I market myself low Cost?

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How can I market myself at low cost?

…..that’s a great question because when you start a business, quite often you forget to actually budget for marketing.

The first thing really should be budget for some marketing. When you do your business plan, allocate a certain portion towards marketing. If you haven’t done that or it’s a really tiny portion, then start in this way.

  • Do a plan

Look at who you are wanting to target, who are your customers, and have a look at where they are and what they are expecting from you, where they are looking for you.

Then create a very clear and specific plan on what you need to do in your marketing to connect with those customers, with those clients. That is the surest way.

  • What that means is, you have to do it all yourself, and you can.

With everything that we have available these days, with all the various online platforms and opportunities, yes you can at a reasonably low cost market yourself, but you will have to invest the time.

So you will need to balance between is it worth your time to spend the time, or is it worth budgeting a bit more to have some of it done?

  • But make a plan

You need to create a plan so that you know what needs to be done. It makes it so much easier. Write a marketing plan for yourself


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