Spot of Yellow- Hand Made Gift Cards

Spot of Yellow: Beautiful Handmade Gift Cards for Every Occasion

Work at home mum Jodi Helliwell, founder of online business Spot of Yellow, has had many great experiences doing her job at home with her kids. From printing while her youngest sleeps to meeting and greeting suppliers, her life is never slow. Helliwell started her business when her son was just 4 months old:

“I wanted to design, print and sell my own cards. This was the perfect time in my life to have a go. I enjoy the designing part and find l can fit it in between the kids needs but selling is another thing. I remember the first retailer l approached my hands where so sweaty. Lucky for me the cards sell themselves.”

Jodi shared a few details of her exciting life with us:

  • Spot of Yellow is an unique screen-printing card business
  • Graphic Designer by trade, Helliwell provides quality products
  • Interactions with kids improves enjoyment of work
  • Hand printed cards designed and drawn in a home studio
  • Meet and greet with retailers provides excitement and variety

Jodi has successfully created a popular online business using services like Facebook to promote and Etsy to help distribute her products. They are so beautiful I think I might get one for my Mother’s birthday. Contact Jodi and get some of her beautiful greeting cards for any occasion here:


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